Application Health Monitoring Framework enables monitoring of critical health parameters of various applications in a centralized manner.

Problem Statement:

Current state of the application monitor interface is out of date and does not have the functionality needed to execute indicator scripts to solve application errors.


Heuristic evaluation and current state work flow will show functionality gaps along with user interviews to see where I can improve the experience.

Testing & Validation:

Hueristic evaluation discovered many usability gaps. Implementing modern design and user testing, the new design for IT users were able to quickly deploy scripts to alert employees of applications that were temporarily unavailable and monitor systems in one place.
Full view of editable Health Indicators on a portfolio. Administrators have full control over every portfolio health indicator attributes. Administrators can add, delete indicators and add/delete devices.
Dynamic Editing

The Application Health Monitor Tool allowed for administrators to go into server devices to add/edit threshold scripts to trigger health indicators.
In-line editing on a table row to set thresholds for the device.
Administrators have the functionality of going into a Health Indicator to edit/delete the script running on that instance.