I created an extensive UI library and a solid design system that laid the foundation for future extensions.

Problem Statement:
As a employee experience designer, there isn't a design language or style guide to design with for our projects. Our team and stakeholders will not have a unified experience. Designers will have to start from scratch on new projects and will not be efficient. Design teams will have to duplicate effort on common design patterns.

I interviewed designers and development team managers to get insight.
"What is the biggest problem your team is facing in the design process?"

Having a design system provides efficiency on the design team and a consistant experience accross the business.

Testing & Validation:
Testing design patterns through the help of the Measure plugin. Developers building out components from Measure help validate the functionality and behaviors.

Lessons Learned:
Documentation on what was created, ensured that I was catering for all instances needed. It’s vital that what I created was not subjective. Having rationale as to why I was making decisions allowed me to better explain my decisions to the design team in critiques. Above all, it was an incredible learning experience and a great source of pride for our team.