Developed an online style guide for front-end developers to use as a reference.
Kept the project ontime and less rework.

Problem Statement:
Developers have trouble implementing designs to specs even with red marked comps. Developer design reviews often resulted in rework for the dev teams because they missed a hex color or didn't follow the design team's principle.

Giving developers a guide to implement designs correctly will make the project delivery more efficient.

Testing & Validation:
Customer Billing online style guide was a huge win for the project. The project was delivered 2 months ahead of schedule. Design reviews were quicker and to specification.

Lessons Learned:
Stakeholders thought that adding the developer style guide half way into the roadmap would put the project's deadline completion at risk. Once the guide was implemented, the developers and project managers saw immediate impact in delivery time.
Dynamic drill-down data table component.
Markup snippet with javascript for full implementation behavior.
Popover snippet with different states.
Complete color guide with rules of use.
Template showing collapsable side navigation.
Simple template showing dashboard.