A tool on a larger platform to help support Rackers better assist customers
with adjustments and credits on their account.

Problem Statement:

Support and Billing Rackers needed a better tool to give customers credits and adjustments. The previous tool was outdated and not user friendly. That much was clear. It’s design was beginning to show its age and wasn’t useful for cloud customer adjustments. For cloud customer adjustments and credits had to be done manually. This took a ton of time for Rackers to get these done.


Researching and interviewing Support Rackers will give insight into the adjustment and credit experience. I will learn how to close the gaps and create a better user experience which will speed up the process. I needed to help our customers faster with adjustments. Giving frontline Support Rackers a better tool to speed up the process will make the customers happy and free up Rackers time to do more run of the business tasks.

Testing & Validation:

I conducted A/B testing on my designs. There’s no easier way to compare two versions of a application asset, collect results from your target audience, and identify a clear winner. You change one element on the page or in the email — or whatever you’re testing — and you push both versions live. At the end, you know which one performed better.
Low fidelity wireframe of the ACT request form.
Wireframes and Iterations

I used a program called OmniGraffle to create low fidelity wireframes to show an overview of the ACT form to business. Once the business approves the wires or has feedback, I edit and meet again with business to get them to sign off on them.
Workflow diagram showing different user flows.
Workflows and Process

I was tasked to come up with workflows. Adjustment and credit tool (ACT) is a complex orchestration workflow engine in a way. At the surface you might picture or think that it is just a typical form that you see everyday. There are multiple backend systems and databases that it has to pull information from. Also there is a Racker’s role to consider, threshold amounts and approval groups to validate.
High fidelity comp of an ACT request.
High fidelity comp of request form.